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Juan Carlos Caballero -  Metals Transformation

June 28 - 30, 2024 - Friday through Sunday

In this three (3) day workshop, we will explore various techniques of folding paper as the basis for application with metal sheet. We will use thin metal sheet for scoring and bending to create renditions of architectural and organic forms. Various forming, soldering and construction techniques for the creation of small objects and structures will be explored.


Juan Carlos will demonstrate the surface setting of small, faceted stones on thin metal sheet and rapid techniques of

delft clay casting for the small studio to incorporate as a design element. This allows for a great variety of aesthetic possibilities to enhance ideas for design considerations.

Juan Carlos will work individually with students depending upon their own level of skill and interests to help strengthen their skill sets.

MEMBER FEE: $410.00                            NON MEMBER : $460.00


KIT FEE: $40.00 Paid to instructor

PRE-REQUISITES: Soldering and Sawing skills

LOCATION: Address will be sent to registrant

TIME:  9:30 am - 5:00 pm EST

Students are encouraged to bring their own lunch.

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